Installation Process

Top Level Roofing will provide the following 6 step services:


We will tear off old shingles from your roof, place them into a bin and clean the gutters. Plywood will be inspected for water damage and replaced if necessary.



We will lay down Ice & water shield membrane around valleys, chimneys, skylights and potentially troubled areas of the house.



We will install your new roof by using modern, high quality asphalt laminated shingles of your choice. Type and colour are defined by the customer. (BP, IKO, Landmark).



We will always replace all your old air vents, exhaust vents, pipe flashings and valley flashings for new ones.



We will apply silicone caulking on all the vent flashings, pipe flashings, chimneys and skylights. We guarantee not to miss any potentially troublesome spot.



After the roof is installed, your house will be properly cleaned of old shingles, nails and residue. We will ensure your safety by using a magnet broom to pick up nails around the house.


Optional Services:
  • Synthetic paper underlayment (full roof)
  • Drip Edge
  • Additional Turbine-vent (Whirlybird)


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